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The following items are a sample of some of the products that I stock or offer for sale as part of the gunsmithing business:


EGW Picatinny rails

  • EGW Picatinny rails


Scope rings and mounts (various types)

  • Scope rings and mounts (Various types)


True Flite Ultramatch barrels

  • True Flite Ultramatch barrels


Pac-Nor match and super-match barrels

  • Pac-Nor match and super-match barrels


Timney triggers

  • Timney triggers


Jewell triggers

  • Jewell triggers


Barnard rifle actions and triggers

  • Barnard rifle actions and triggers


Stiller Rifle Actions

  • Stiller rifle actions and bottom metal/mag kits – RH and LH actions in stock now. Email for current prices and availability.


Pacific Tool and Gauge custom rifle parts and accessories

  • Pacific Tool and Gauge custom rifle parts and accessories


Accuracy International Magazines

  • Accuracy International magazines


McMillan fibreglass and carbon fibre rifle stocks

D.F. Maisey Gunsmithing has been an authorised New Zealand dealer for McMillan USA fiberglass and carbon –fibre since 1998. Most of the McMillan stocks that we get import are custom-order stocks for the rifle builds that we undertake, or for customers who just want to purchase a top-quality stock for their existing rifle.

With the huge number of stock models, action inlets, construction options, accessories, or the various colours and finishing options available, there are literally thousands of different option combinations available, and as such it is impossible for us to stock everything that a customer may possibly want. Lead-time on custom-order McMillan stocks through us is usually in the 4-6 months range. Some custom order stocks for certain low-demand models may take a bit longer than normal (Such as sako L461). Some stocks from their online store may be able to be sourced in as little as a month if the order can be combined with a shipment of other stocks. (We receive all orders from McMillan via airmail. We are not bringing in container loads, or using ‘surface freight’.)


We do however purchase a few standard-issue stocks from their online store, or the occasional ‘custom surplus’ stocks that may become available from time-to-time. The few stocks listed here which are available for purchase are shown with pics for each, and the prices are in NZ dollars, and include GST. (Freight/import costs component is incorporated into the listed price.)        (NOTE: Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one of these stocks to check that they are still actually available. We only get to update the website and this list occasionally (and not on a daily basis) so please bear in mind that occasionally stock items get sold and we don’t always get a chance to update the availability list promptly, or an item may be being ‘held’ for someone pending receipt of payment.)


McMillan-USA have been the worldwide industry leaders in fiberglass rifle stocks for decades, with a reputation for quality that others can only strive to match or imitate.

Click Here for our current inventory list.


Muzzle Brakes


Thread Caps – to suit any of the listed thread options that we provide

Thread Caps

CNC machined stainless steel muzzle thread protector caps. In stock in a variety of sizes. These are made in-house on our own CNC lathe (as well as our own patented/registered NZ muzzle brakes). Stainless is better and more durable than soft aluminium, and with a bit of grease on the threads they won’t rattle loose.

If you require a cap for a non-standard thread we may be able to do it as a custom or short production run, but note that minimum costs for this service do apply due to machine set-up costs, and extra time involved.

Some thread caps for AR rifles are available in Flat black (GunKote) for an extra $5.00 (i.e. $25.00 , usually 0.735″ to 0.746″ diameter, in 1/2-28 or 5/8-24 only).

Thread and diameter options (usually in stock in 0.020″ or 0.5mm diameter increments) are as follows (RH threads only):

1/2-20 0.570″ – 0.670″, 0.870”
1/2-28 0.570″ – 0.746″

M13X1.0mm  – 0.580” only
M14x1.0mm – 0.620” to 0.746”

9/16-24 – 0.620″ to 0.746″, 0.830”

9/16-28 – 0.620”, 0.660”
M15x1.0mm – 0.660″ to 0.746″
5/8-24 – 0.685″ to 0.935″

5/8-28 – 0.685” only

M17x1.0mm – 0.760”, 0.800”
M18x1.0mm – 0.770″ to 0.935″
3/4-28 – 0.830″ to 0.930″
M20x1.0mm – 0.930″, 0.950”
7/8-28 – 0.970″, 1.010”, 1.130”

Standard thread cap length is 0.583″ long. (14.8mm) approx. Note that some sizes are produced in a longer 0.650″ length (16.5mm) only. Please enquire for specific details.

*Please specify thread size and cap diameter and length required when ordering or asking questions. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT SOME GUNSMITH THREADED BARRELS MAY HAVE SLIGHTLY OVERSIZE THREADS. As such we cannot guarantee 100% that our ‘correct spec’ thread caps will fit YOUR barrel if it was not threaded by us. We can exchange if required, but may have to charge for any extra admin time, etc. as we literally only make a few dollars on the sale of these caps, so cannot really afford to absorb the cost of excessive amount of admin time or freight costs on very small sales.

We can ship multiple thread caps together if required. Dealer/gunsmith inquiries welcome for larger orders as well.


Talley-Style Classic Bolt Handles for Mauser 98 conversions, etc.

Talley-Style Classic Bolt Handles for Mauser 98 conversionsCNC turned classic tear drop style bolt handle machined from 1018 mild steel (or stainless if required). Slightly longer than original to allow extra material for shaping and welding to bolt body.

Price: NZ$21.74+gst (NZ$25.00 Incl. GST)

Contact us by email or phone to check on current availability or to place an order.

TIKKA T3 (Right hand) Long Action BOLT STOP – stainless steel.

A new addition to the range of products being made at D.F. Maisey Gunsmithing in Tauranga, is a long action bolt stop part to fit the popular Tikka rifles.
If you are converting your T3 or T3x in 7mm-08, .308win, etc. to use the ‘long’ magazine instead of the standard ‘short’ magazine, you also need to replace the bolt stop.
“Rather than make an exact copy of the factory part we have actually improved the design to provide a more ergonomic shape on the outside profile, and also an increase in the contact surface area with the bolt lug inside the action.”Made from good quality (Italian) 304 stainless square bar stock, this is a high-quality CNC-machined part that also represents a significant cost saving over the factory replacement parts kit. Click here for PDF info sheet specs.

Price: NZ$45+gst (NZ$51.75 Incl. GST)

Contact us by email or phone to check on current availability or to place an order.

Silencers / Suppressors

  • Silencers/suppressors: from Kaimai Rifle Suppressors, MAE Ltd, and some other New Zealand manufacturers on special request.


Pachmayr recoil pads

  • Pachmayr recoil pads


Uncle Mikes sling studs and swivels

  • Uncle Mikes sling studs and swivels


Shotgun screw-in chokes

  • Shotgun screw-in chokes


TM Solution bore rifle cleaner (from the USA – sole NZ stockist)

  • TM Solution rifle bore cleaner (from the USA – sole NZ stockist.)


ADI Sporting Powders

  • Benchmark 1
  • AR2206H
  • AR2207
  • AR2225
  • AR2209
  • AR22135C
  • AR2219
  • AR2208
  • And if its not in stock – we can order it!

Lehigh Defense

  • .308 Subsonic Bullet , 168gr Controlled Fracturing Bullet
  • $140.00 per box (50)  (price updated April 2020 due to exchange rate)


  • .308 Subsonic Bullet, 194gr Max expansion copper bullet
  • $155.00 per box (50)  (price updated April 2020 due to exchange rate)

Hornady Varmint

  • .30 cal semi-jacket .308″
  • $40.00 per box (100)


Other gunparts and accessories may be available on special order – FAR TOO MANY TO LIST !!

Note: Some items such as rifle barrels will not be sold separately. These items will only be provided as part of a custom rifle build or re-work.

Email us for current pricing on any of the above items: 

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