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Stock Refinishing and Checkering

Note: Due to current high workload, some services listed on this website may be temporarily unavailable. Particularly, we are currently not taking on restoration, re-bluing, or stock-making work, due to the high labour content required.


Stock Refinishing and Checkering

We provide a stock restoration service for antique and hunting firearms. The raising of major dents in the woodwork, removal of the old finish, followed by the careful ‘sanding’ of the woodwork to remove only the minimum amount of material possible without altering the symmetry or special features of the stock, is a task that must be undertaken with great care and skill.  A stock can be ruined by amateurish attempts at restoration, so it pays to have it done right the first time by a professional.
We specialize in oil finishes for walnut stocks in either high grade custom or hunter grade degree of finish.
CheckeringWe can also recut the old checkering on your gunstock, or cut new checkering to your requested pattern, with or without borders, up to 26TPI, depending on the density of the wood used.
(The harder, denser walnuts are usually best for holding the ‘points’ of finer checkering and are less prone to ‘fluff’ or ‘whisker’).

If synthetic rifle stocks are ‘your thing’, we can bed and finish fibreglass/kevlar synthetic blanks to fit your rifle.   We can also supply the blanks if required.
*Synthetic blanks for some rifles are not readily available, or may be unobtainable.

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