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Suppressor / Silencer Installations

Fitting silencers for .22 rimfires, and suppressors for centerfires and magnum-rimfires is one of our more common jobs. We prefer to supply and fit only top quality sound-suppressors to your rifle, as this usually means less chance of complications with the installation process, and a guarantee of a quality job and end result. Phone or email us for a quote/estimate.

There are some suppressor makes out there on the market which we are reluctant to supply for liability reasons (due to quality issues, or lack of durability), but we will fit some of these suppressors if they are supplied by the customer, provided there are no obvious problems with the unit or compatibility with the rifle it is to be fitted on to. These installations are done on a ‘no warranty’ basis, and will be charged for the actual time spent to install the customer-supplied unit correctly.

When it comes to centrefire suppressors ‘lightest’ and/or ‘cheapest’ does not necessarily mean ‘best’. Finding out later that you have to pay for a couple of replacement modular aluminium baffles that wore out prematurely (sometimes within as little as a few hundred rounds) means that any initial cost saving is gone – and you still may be left with a unit that only provides very average suppression performance for it’s size.

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As licensed dealers any products which we supply have to be backed by the Consumer Guarantees Act, so for liability reasons we will only supply silencers/suppressors that meet or exceed our minimum standard for quality and suppression performance.


* ‘Muzzle Can’ suppressors (full length muzzle forward) are available for .22 and .17cal rimfires, as well as centerfire rifles from .17 Hornet to .30-06.

* ‘Over-barrel’ suppressors – various models are available for centerfire rifles in .22 Hornet to .300 Win Mag., ranging from 4″ – 6″ muzzle forward, and 4.5″ to 6.5″ back over the barrel.

Note: All complete rifles supplied to us will go through the standard 40-point pre-check list and assessment before being dismantled and the appropriate machining work being performed. We have several thousand dollars-worth of specialist tooling such as centering reamers and bore pilots for every calibre in 0.0002″ diameter increments. We also have two high precision gunsmithing lathes to perform riflesmithing tasks professionally and accurately, and to a high finished standard. For more information on the work involved in the barrel-threading process, check out the Rod & Rifle magazine article listed on this site.

Beware that a cheap, poorly performed barrel threading job can ruin accuracy and lead to other problems, which could be avoided by having the job done correctly first time by a qualified professional. It is not simply a job for the average general engineer or lathe-hand who does not have the correct specialist tooling or knowledge to be able to perform the job correctly. Unfortunately we see dozens of rifles every year with botched-up or poorly executed barrel threading jobs. Don’t let your rifle become another one of these. In an industry that is basically un-regulated, you do need to be very careful about where you send your guns out to for work to be done. (Sometimes retail shops don’t actually send your guns where you think they are going for work to be done.)

We take pride in doing a first-class barrel threading job for your suppressor or muzzle brake installation, every time.

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