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Shotgun Chokes

We can ‘open- up’ the fixed choke dimension on your shotgun to achieve the pattern you want, either approximately (by guideline measurement), or by actual percentage patterns test fired with your specified or supplied ammunition.

service chokesoutWe can also fit screw-in type chokes to your 12-ga shotgun, depending on whether your barrel meets the dimensional minimum requirements.  Outside diameter over the choke section must exceed 0.830″ with a concentric bore.
The chokes used on machined installs are the Tru-choke style.
Barrels usually don’t require re-bluing after machining for tru-chokes.
* Tru-choke Thinwall style tubes are now available for barrels over 0.810″ O.D. at choke section.
* Specialist tubes are available for steel, steel & lead, or lead only. Usually available in about seven sizes from Skt-1 through to X-Full. Rifled tubes for slugs are also available.

service chokesIf your single barrel shotgun has the choke section O.D. under 0.810″ we can remove the existing choke section by cutting the barrel back (usually about 2″ ) and machining the end to accept an ‘adaptor’, which is then soldered into place. The finished length is usually the same as before or slightly longer.  The barrel can be finished shorter if you request it so.  If there is a sighting rib and bead it is then re fitted on top of the adaptor.  The barrel must usually be re-blued, parkerized, or Mil-Spec coated.
All our choke installs are guaranteed to be perfectly in line with the bore.

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