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Rebarreling and Accurising

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We offer a rebarreling service for rifles of all types.  Usually we supply only match-grade barrels as the time taken in precision fitting them to the action is the same as for the cheaper ones.  The price difference is usually not sufficient to justify anything of a lesser quality and risking the possibility of poor accuracy.
‘Accurising’ the action basically involves ‘truing’ or correcting any dimensional inaccuracies which are very commonplace in factory mass-produced actions, especially older military ones which may take a lot of work to bring up to acceptable standard.  This work must be completed on the action before the barrel is to be fitted.  We offer most of the common chamberings, special chamberings may be accommodated on request, however this may be at extra cost.


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services dean barrelOnce your new barrel has been fitted the calibre designation is engraved (not stamped) on the barrel shank as a finishing touch. This is not only tidier, but does not induce any stress into the surface of the barrel steel.

Chamber Reamer List

Click here to view our current chamber reamer list. Chambers not listed here may be available on special order.

Information on barrel fluting

Click here to view our fluting notes.

Rebarreling and AccurisingRebarreling and AccurisingRebarreling and AccurisingRebarreling and AccurisingRebarreling and AccurisingRebarreling and Accurising

Notes on rifle barrel fitting:

The accuracy potential of a good barrel blank is only as good as the gunsmithing employed to install it. To further improve the quality of our barrel fitting we have (in late 2007) installed a GTR chamber flushing system to both of our lathes used for barrel fitting. A chamber reamer receiving constant coolant fluid pumped under high pressure from the muzzle, down the bore and out through the reamer, ensures that tolerances are kept to a minimum, while also producing an outstanding finish and increasing tool life. No swarf ever travels down the bore which may mar the finish, and ring marks in the chamber walls are non-existent.
Our barrel fitting is usually done ‘through the headstock’ in a specially designed spider-chuck, or ‘between centres’ utilising a custom-made floating reamer guide and high quality interchangeable-pilot chamber reamers, ensuring that all chambers cut are perfectly concentric and in-line with the bore. The barrel fitting method that will be used depends on several factors such and barrel bore straightness, length, chamber length, and the degree of machining precision required.  (i.e. for short-barrelled hunting rifles with short chambers to be machined into very straight barrel bores, then ‘between centres’ is usually perfectly acceptable, and precise.  For very long barrels for precision shooting applications, and very long or magnum chambers to be reamed, then the barrel is usually machined ‘through the headstock’ after carefully dialling in the last 4 inches of the bore to run dead true, to ensure that there is to be no runout at the finished throat location. This ensures that the projectile get a good straight start into the bore.  ( Throat concentricity to the bore is something that is sadly lacking on many mass-produced factory rifle barrels.)

Both of our manual lathes for barrel work feature high-precision headstock bearings, with the larger lathe being specially made for us to custom order, by a well known manufacturer who produces the South Bend, Kent, and ‘Turret’ branded lathes.  We also have literally over $10,000 worth of specialist chamber reamers, bore pilots, throating reamers, centre reamers, form tooling, and other reamers.

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