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Hunting Rifles (re-work of old/donor rifles)

With the rapid rise of the cost of new rifles, many hunters want a reliable hunting rifle with good accuracy, but without the hefty price tag.  Whether you’re just starting your hunting career, or simply wanting to upgrade from your present rifle, we can build a rifle to meet your budget or your specifications.
If you want a reliable hunting rifle without a large cash outlay we may be able to convert one of the good military Mauser rifles to sporting configuration to suit your purposes.  Alternatively we can rebuild a used commercially manufactured rifle, either by rebarreling it in the calibre of your choice, and /or restocking and bedding, fitting new trigger or sights, etc.  This is a popular option, especially for those wanting to have a rifle built up in a special calibre that may not be available in an ‘off the shelf’ factory rifle.

zoli hunting

Walnut or synthetic stocks are usually available, or can be made up to suit. Of course the overall cost depends on the time involved to build the rifle to your specifications and the cost of the components used.  Naturally a price can only be estimated after discussing your options and quoting component costs at the present time.  Quality workmanship with care and attention is always guaranteed.


If you are interested in a rifle with subsonic and high velocity ammunition capabilities check out our separate website for the Kaimai Rifle Concept.

Kaimai Rifle

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