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General Repairs

All firearms accepted for work undergo a 40-point ‘pre-check’ for function and condition before any requested work commences.  This is absolutely necessary in case there are other faults present with the firearm that the owner is not aware of, or may have forgotten to mention.  Any accessories or hardware supplied with the firearm or missing is also noted.  Other ‘special checks’ such as headspace, sear engagement, feeding, extraction and ejection, etc, are all included on the job sheet.   Some gunsmiths charge extra for these sorts of checks, we don’t.

A thorough inspection can shed light on the causes of any present or potential faults. Final checks after requested work has been completed often include test firing with live ammunition and cleaning to ensure that the firearm is in full working order before it leaves our workshop. All our repair work is covered by warranty and quality workmanship assured.

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