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Kaimai® CNC Machining

At Kaimai® CNC Machining, Tauranga, we have multiple CNC and manual machines in-house. We can help with lathe-turned parts and some milled parts as well, if those jobs were compatible with our small 4-axis equipped VMC machining centre.

Kaimai® CNC Machining is a division of D.F. Maisey Gunsmithing who has operated primarily as a service business to the NZ firearms industry for the past 25 years (Est. 1997), and since 2012 we have added our own CNC machines to complement our well-equipped workshop of manual machines and custom tooling. This was necessary in order to be able to develop and manufacture our own line of products, parts and fixtures, in a timely manner, and to the demanding tolerances and quality that we require and maintain. Our speciality/niche is producing high quality, precision-made parts where consistency and also aesthetics are important.

We have some spare CNC machining capacity available from time to time which could be allocated to making parts or products for other customers, industries or businesses in the Tauranga area, or nationally.

CNC machines in our workshop  (all are later model machines with Fanuc controls):

Hyundai E160A CNC lathe (Fanuc Oi-TD control) 2-axis lathe  (no tailstock) – 45mm bar capacity, 12-tool turret, 6000 RPM. (Bar-pullers, and cut-knurling tools available.)

Doosan LEO1600 CNC lathe (Fanuc Oi-Plus control – 2021) 2-axis lathe, tailstock – 57-60mm max bar capacity (manual chucks), 8-tool turret, 6000 RPM. (Mainly used for prototype parts, small operations, or for automated gunsmithing tasks.)

Goodway GLS-150 CNC lathe (Fanuc Oi-TC control) 2-axis lathe, tailstock, up to 42mm bar capacity, collet chuck, bar-feeder, chip-conveyor, parts catcher, 12-tool turret, 480mm max. turn length, 6000 RPM.  (This is our machine which is better suited to medium or higher volume production, which we would be keen to find jobs that could run on it for longer periods of time unattended.)

Bridgeport GX480 CNC Vertical Machining Centre (Fanuc Oi-MD control), 3-axis plus permanent 4th-axis added, 16 tool changer, 10,000 RPM max, air/oil cooled spindle, BT40 taper.  (This is mostly used for making our own parts, and there is only a small area of the working envelope that can be utilised for other parts/fixtures due to the permanent presence of the 4-axis, which does limit its’ versatility when doing jobs for others.)

Manual Machines:  Two manual toolroom lathes, Bridgeport mill, Linishing, grinding, bead-blasting, etc. We also have welding/brazing/soldering facilities for small jobs, if required.

Parts marking machines:

  • 30w Fiber Laser (JPT) with 150x150mm working area, and a rotary attachment as well.
  • CNC rotary/scribe engraver – Roland EGX-350
  • Manual pantograph type engraver (good for doing small jobs with our existing stencils/fonts).

Please email us for more info about your parts or to see if we can assist you with any (small part) CNC machining needs that you may have. Email:

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